Splash Screen (splashscreen)

A splash screen widget with support for positioning of the message text.

class orangecanvas.gui.splashscreen.SplashScreen(parent=None, pixmap=None, textRect=None, textFormat=0, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: PyQt5.QtWidgets.QSplashScreen

Splash screen widget.

  • parent (QWidget) – Parent widget

  • pixmap (QPixmap) – Splash window pixmap.

  • textRect (QRect) – Bounding rectangle of the shown message on the widget.

  • textFormat (Qt.TextFormat) – How message text format should be interpreted.


Set the rectangle (QRect) in which to show the message text.


Return the text message rectangle.

showEvent(self, QShowEvent)[source]

Reimplementation of drawContents to limit the drawing inside textRect.

showMessage(message, alignment=1, color=2)[source]

Show the message with color and alignment.

setPixmap(self, QPixmap)[source]
event(self, QEvent) bool[source]