Source code for orangecanvas.gui.quickhelp

from typing import Any

from AnyQt.QtWidgets import QTextBrowser
from AnyQt.QtGui import QStatusTipEvent, QWhatsThisClickedEvent
from AnyQt.QtCore import QObject, QCoreApplication, QEvent, QTimer, QUrl
from AnyQt.QtCore import pyqtSignal as Signal

[docs]class QuickHelp(QTextBrowser): #: Emitted when the shown text changes. textChanged = Signal() def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): # type: (Any, Any) -> None super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.setOpenExternalLinks(False) self.setOpenLinks(False) self.__text = "" self.__permanentText = "" self.__defaultText = "" self.__timer = QTimer(self, timeout=self.__on_timeout, singleShot=True) self.anchorClicked.connect(self.__on_anchorClicked)
[docs] def showHelp(self, text, timeout=0): # type: (str, int) -> None """ Show help for `timeout` milliseconds. if timeout is 0 then show the text until it is cleared with clearHelp or showHelp is called with an empty string. """ if self.__text != text: self.__text = text self.__update() self.textChanged.emit() if timeout > 0: self.__timer.start(timeout)
[docs] def clearHelp(self): # type: () -> None """ Clear help text previously set with `showHelp`. """ self.__timer.stop() self.showHelp("")
[docs] def showPermanentHelp(self, text): # type: (str) -> None """ Set permanent help text. The text may be temporarily overridden by showHelp but will be shown again when that is cleared. """ if self.__permanentText != text: self.__permanentText = text self.__update() self.textChanged.emit()
[docs] def setDefaultText(self, text): # type: (str) -> None """ Set default help text. The text is overriden by normal and permanent help messages, but is show again after such messages are cleared. """ if self.__defaultText != text: self.__defaultText = text self.__update() self.textChanged.emit()
[docs] def currentText(self): # type: () -> str """ Return the current shown text. """ return self.__text or self.__permanentText
def __update(self): # type: () -> None if self.__text: self.setHtml(self.__text) elif self.__permanentText: self.setHtml(self.__permanentText) else: self.setHtml(self.__defaultText) def __on_timeout(self): # type: () -> None if self.__text: self.__text = "" self.__update() self.textChanged.emit() def __on_anchorClicked(self, anchor): # type: (QUrl) -> None ev = QuickHelpDetailRequestEvent(anchor.toString(), anchor) QCoreApplication.postEvent(self, ev)
class QuickHelpTipEvent(QStatusTipEvent): Temporary, Normal, Permanent = range(1, 4) def __init__(self, tip, html="", priority=Normal, timeout=0): # type: (str, str, int, int) -> None super().__init__(tip) self.__html = html or "" self.__priority = priority self.__timeout = timeout def html(self): # type: () -> str return self.__html def priority(self): # type: () -> int return self.__priority def timeout(self): # type: () -> int return self.__timeout class QuickHelpDetailRequestEvent(QWhatsThisClickedEvent): def __init__(self, href, url): # type: (str, QUrl) -> None super().__init__(href) self.__url = QUrl(url) def url(self): # type: () -> QUrl return QUrl(self.__url) class StatusTipPromoter(QObject): """ Promotes `QStatusTipEvent` to `QuickHelpTipEvent` using ``whatsThis`` property of the object. """ def eventFilter(self, obj, event): # type: (QObject, QEvent) -> bool if event.type() == QEvent.StatusTip and \ not isinstance(event, QuickHelpTipEvent) and \ hasattr(obj, "whatsThis") and \ callable(obj.whatsThis): assert isinstance(event, QStatusTipEvent) tip = event.tip() try: text = obj.whatsThis() except Exception: text = None if text: ev = QuickHelpTipEvent(tip, text if tip else "") return QCoreApplication.sendEvent(obj, ev) return super().eventFilter(obj, event)